Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mookie Curse '08, Dookie Victory and 2007 Blogiverse Highlights

Today's synopsis brought to you by the mind of Waffles.
My apologies in advance.

New Year. Same Mookie bullshit. I played bad. I got all in vs JackAce. I am brilliant. I lost.
Setup hands they are against me. They exist. Beware.
See what did I say. Mookie. Setup. Suckout. Will it ever end?
Evil Wonka won his 44th Mookie title while I wonder about what should have been. Key to Mookie is to be Hoy-Hater, begin self-loathing in preparation for next week.

I won the dookie. I told you I am smart. Holdem is a low skill game. My skill shines in Stud. I chopped with Chad because we are both ballahs.
Why is full tilt picking on me. So frustrated. I can not win the mookie but I win every dookie.
Look back on 2007.
1. I really started the BBT2. Al just helped by getting drunk. (Al was really also credited with securing fabulous prizes) .Thank me later.
2. Donkament is therapy. Kat wanted to quit after week two. I convinced her to continue.
3. Buddy Dank Radio. Cool and innovative. Why did I not think of it? I must have.
4. I would have man sex with Don
5. Astin is lucky. That is the only reason he ever beat me. Card rack.
6. Did I tell you a hundred times I cashed in the WSOP? I will before 2008 is over. I cashed in the WSOP!
7. The MTT Ballahs like me and me and me finally convinced Full Tilt to have re buy tourneys. I own these too.
8. A lot more people to read me
9. Went to Vegas to see my friends
10. I cashed big often
I will enlighten you with my 2008 goals. See you at riverchasers.