Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 -- Goals in Review

Today's synopsis brought to you by the mind of Waffles.

1. Haters have even won a Mookie (LJ & Waffles). How could I not win? I am the greatest. I will win this year.
2. Defunct tourneys. I couldn't do this.
3. Tell the haters to their face I am the best. I will win.
4. Get rivered by Johnny Chan again.
5. Prove my intellectual superiority by playing a skill game.
6. Tell people how awesome my life is.

Happy New Year to everyone !

10pm ET tonight, password as always is "hammer". Tonight will be a $26 buyin HORSE tournament to celebrate the last MATH of 2007.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Hoy Haters Top Five

People said I suck at poker. This is absurd. I am great. They must hate me.
5. LuckoJ - can't take criticism
4. Waffles - used up all his luck for year in a sick math run (where he 2-outed the assistant)
3. The deceased Dr. Zen
2. Kajagugu - can't take criticism
1. Blinded by other issues.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Curse Lives

Got fawked in the Mookie again when I turned trips top kicker against a flopped set that turned a boat. Years recap of 43 bust outs, sucked out on or set up 42 times, misplayed by ever humble Hoy once.

The Assistant (a two time Mookie Champion) sits proudly above Hoy on Mookie Moneyboard but all below should be ashamed.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mookday, MATH Recap and Monday 1k Donkery

Woot Hoy is done with work for the year bitches. Taking some much needed vacation time.
Stay tuned for some massive turbo SitNGo strategy posts! Distill that bitch.

Christmas Eve MATH was turbo rebuy and FullTilt only screwed up 2 aspects. No 2 minute break after 30 mins for add. And 2 BB add on was available 30 mins after rebuy when break occurred.

Despite brilliant dominace of Hoy, cemfredmd emerged victorious after ridiculous set up hand of AA vs. QQ on a baby flop and then a naked flush draw hitting.

Congrats to Chip for first MATH win.

Monday $1k had a really? moment when I could not lay down TT against KK despite opponent giving every indication he had better starting hand.
"That my friends is some baaaaaad poker right there. Haters, rejoice!"

So don't forget the Mookie tonight, 10pm ET on full tilt, password is "vegas1" as always.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Erev Christmas, MATH is ON, as is the Monday 1k

Monday's MATH we will be playing full tilt's standard evening turbo rebuy satellite structure, which a $6 buyin.

I will be making my 3rd attempt at the Monday $1k (assistant's note: good luck Hoy!).
Seat was won in a $75 token buyin with only 11 runners (sweet overlay).
Got to headsup with LegacyRik who is biggest Flush Chasing Donk on Full Tilt.

Check Hoy's post for myriad examples of flush chasing donk ways.

Clearly the experience of playing many SNGs was critical to end game success as well as LegacyRik's flush chasing ways not being rewarded at inopportune time.


Friday, December 21, 2007


Big congrats to jeciimd for overall domination of BBT 2 and winning TOC. Big props for being serious student of game, putting in the effort to improve through reading and studying and discussing play of hands. Your improvement in last year has been stellar.

Congrats to lucko for takingthe BBTwo TLB freeroll.

For kicks played T8s (the Mook) as badly as it could be played pre-flop, called a 7th bet all in with it against pocket Astins. Sorry Rich, I LJed you.

Enjoy Australia jeciimd, you earned it.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

BBTwo ToC Fearsome Foursome

Congrats to LJ for winning the Mookie before me.

My play was not stellar, was 1 for 2 winning pots with AA but fate was sealed after 14 steals of Speaker's BB he unleashed the dreaded insta-call with 55 and won race (of course).

Congrats to all who made TOC.
Lots of other's have handicapped field.
My prediction is winner will emerge from:
1. Astin
2. cmitch
3. cracknaces
4. twoblackaces

Everyone should watch and enjoy action!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dec 17 - 19, 2007

Monday December 17

Astin was a cardrack early and two bloggers got into unbelievable situation 2nd level of superstack. I let it impact my mindset and did something tilty.


Tuesday December 18

One of them got pissed.

I donked early in MATH when I flopped two overcards plus a flush draw with JTs, ScottMc had overpair so 9 outs not 15.

This week's cashers in the third-to-last MATH of 2007:
1. $259.20 swimmom95
2. $194.40 bsquared25
3. $129.60 twoblackaces, back in the hizzy again
4. $ 64.80 ScottMc


Wednesday December 19

This is pissed off response but I blog to have rational discussion of play of hands w/o personal attacks, it's all about improving everyone's play.