Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dec 17 - 19, 2007

Monday December 17

Astin was a cardrack early and two bloggers got into unbelievable situation 2nd level of superstack. I let it impact my mindset and did something tilty.


Tuesday December 18

One of them got pissed.

I donked early in MATH when I flopped two overcards plus a flush draw with JTs, ScottMc had overpair so 9 outs not 15.

This week's cashers in the third-to-last MATH of 2007:
1. $259.20 swimmom95
2. $194.40 bsquared25
3. $129.60 twoblackaces, back in the hizzy again
4. $ 64.80 ScottMc


Wednesday December 19

This is pissed off response but I blog to have rational discussion of play of hands w/o personal attacks, it's all about improving everyone's play.


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