Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mookday, MATH Recap and Monday 1k Donkery

Woot Hoy is done with work for the year bitches. Taking some much needed vacation time.
Stay tuned for some massive turbo SitNGo strategy posts! Distill that bitch.

Christmas Eve MATH was turbo rebuy and FullTilt only screwed up 2 aspects. No 2 minute break after 30 mins for add. And 2 BB add on was available 30 mins after rebuy when break occurred.

Despite brilliant dominace of Hoy, cemfredmd emerged victorious after ridiculous set up hand of AA vs. QQ on a baby flop and then a naked flush draw hitting.

Congrats to Chip for first MATH win.

Monday $1k had a really? moment when I could not lay down TT against KK despite opponent giving every indication he had better starting hand.
"That my friends is some baaaaaad poker right there. Haters, rejoice!"

So don't forget the Mookie tonight, 10pm ET on full tilt, password is "vegas1" as always.