Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Erev Christmas, MATH is ON, as is the Monday 1k

Monday's MATH we will be playing full tilt's standard evening turbo rebuy satellite structure, which a $6 buyin.

I will be making my 3rd attempt at the Monday $1k (assistant's note: good luck Hoy!).
Seat was won in a $75 token buyin with only 11 runners (sweet overlay).
Got to headsup with LegacyRik who is biggest Flush Chasing Donk on Full Tilt.

Check Hoy's post for myriad examples of flush chasing donk ways.

Clearly the experience of playing many SNGs was critical to end game success as well as LegacyRik's flush chasing ways not being rewarded at inopportune time.