Friday, January 9, 2009

Farewell (to ethics)

After a year long run, I think the time has come to retire the Synopsis of Hoy.

I have stated my opinion tha Hoy should identify "outright cheaters, colluders, chip dumpers" if you have solid case. Hoy has respectfully disagreed. We have not discussed in detail and I am willing to accept that Hoy the poker player/blogger may have a reasonable basis but that Hoy the lawyer does not want to libel or slander.

The one person that has been "identified" as a chip dumper is waffles. He had quite a passionate rant about:

"Next thing I know Hoyazo is accusing me of dumping chips to Mookie. All I can assume is that a multi accounter that cheats and plays on a cheater site must think everyone is as corrupt as he is. Fucking retarded bastard. I am really insulted that he thinks I would cheat for Mookie. I am more than willing to admit it was a bad call but I had no thoughts of helping Mookie in either hand. I had a lot of fun laughing at Hoyazo stacking off with top pair but I did not make the float call for Mookie either.

I guess I can understand a morally corrupt person thinking everyone else is as rotten as he is but I hate that fucking shit. Perhaps I am being hard on Hoyazo. I have defended him in the past for some of his somewhat shady moves. I really thought he was a good guy and gave him the benefit of the doubt. I guess you guys were probably right though. Just another long line of scumbags who assumes everyone is like them."

We all know that waffles plays stupidly which leads to busting. Moronic waffles play lead to backers for the wind up the monkey entertainment value.

This week Waffles accepted backing from Donkette to play in the Mookie.

I have been annoyed for the 2 days since learning this with intermittent periods of pissed.

I understand many -EV plays led to Donkette "needing" to "borrow" and staking a break even player is just another example but for her I would suggest going to and downloading Suze Orman's new book for free.

The question I have is waffle's at same level of ethics as donkette for taking money from her when she owes other people money?

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Schaubs said...

Is waffles broke or something?

I can't see how he would need backing from someone...especially Donkette.

Unless he is just doing it to fuel the fire.

I am sure he will respond shortly.