Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Main Event Busto

Twenty two players left none of them interest a connoisseur of poker like myself.

My blogging buddy Andrew Brokos busted then Erick Lindgren one of the only remaining names the common man like yourselves would know was out.

Erika Moutinho and David Sands still interested me because they were shacking up. If you knew math as good as me you would understand how unbelievable this is. Shame on Jack Eiffel for allowing these two to collude by sharing cards with each other.

Once they busted I had no interest. You poor people might get off on watching some unknown morons win 8 million bucks but it does not excite me. Do not even get me started on what a horrible idea the November Nine is.

Thus ends the first WSOP I have missed since 2006, if you had my bucks you could play the WSOP too. I did not miss it at all. I played at Foxwoods in one of their big tourneys. In 2012 there will be less people because all these internet wannabe's will be brokeback. I shall make my triumphant return to the WSOP then.

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Josie said...

Oh, that's what he was saying. you are quite the timesaver.