Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Main Event

Main event is great internet lurking event. March Madness is better TV event.

First one I followed was Raymer's run. Namedrop the blogfather. I am connected. Lurked the internet to see Helmouth Explode, Moon bluff, Ivy play. I care about the game which is why I play on Ultimate Bet.

Robert Varkonyi and I are buddies. He is still in it. Doyle Brunson sucks. Todd is doing good. E-Dog Erick Lindgren doing good. See how hip I am. Watching Carlos Mortensen, Patrik Antonius, Darvin Moon. Thomas Fuller and Terrance Chan my blog friends are doing very well also. I am connected. Fanboy says Yay Moon!

Shaun Deeb 300k, Peter Feldman doing well. Us on the inside know him as Nordberg from the old days in the hood. Miami John, Andrew Brokos, Tom McEvoy. Eli Elezra. See how much I know about poker?

The main event is good.

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Josie said...

After reading this I just *had* to reread hoy's. He should just have you type up his posts for him.