Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big, Big Folds

A four bet means Aces and Kings, not to mention a six bet. Learn to fold donkeys.

Here is my analysis of a hand on Goodnight moon. AJ vs KJ on a JJK board. Small 4-bet raises then the money all goes in. People not as smart as I am say this is a cooler.

Toph's 1.1 million raise says decent hand not sure where he stands. Anton's re-raise to 2 million made alarms go off in my head. Obviously you can not fold AJ there yet but my hair has dander. Toph responds correctly as I would (even though I have never been that deep in the WSOP) and re-raises. Anton see's this raise a extreme strength and pushes in. Obviously Toph is beaten here and should fold his cards face up.

Obviously this is a huge, huge fold, but now I will contradict myself and say he should never have raised in the first place which totally contradicts my prior statement that this is the right move and I would have done exactly that but ignore that please.

It took me years to figure out that I am awesome and would laydown my hand in that spot no matter what the mathematical probability says. I knew instantly AJ was behind in this spot and if Toph was half the player I was he would have folded.

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