Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday Market Mania

Stock Market was fun Monday.

S&P did their fucking job finally and downgraded America.

it is hilarious to hear the president and congress say the S&P does not know what they are talking about. Congress and the president told everyone we were a day or two away from defaulting on our debt.

Obama is stupid. What the hell is Moody's and Fitch thinking?

AIG is suing **BankAmerica for bad loans. BankAmerica is a bunch of shithole but how can AIG, who invented being shitholes, possibly sue BankAmerica. AIG is a big poncy scheme. How can they sue the bank when it's their job to asses risk.

What pisses me off the most is we own AIG. Why would we allow this lawsuit to happen?

Listen to Hoy if you want to get re-elected Obama. Get on the TV right now. Tell AIG to stop this ridiculous lawsuit or we are shutting them down. Let's hope that AIG calls the presidents bluff. We can then fire all these people who only have job because we have had two pussy presidents in a row.

I would gladly lose the $180 billion I spent on AIG if we could fire all those 63,000 assholes tomorrow.

** DISCLAIMER: I do not have a ton of shares in BankAmerica, nor have I sucked any BankAmerica employees dicks... recently.

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The Poker Meister said...

I get my investment advice from Hoy. If I had only listened to him from day one, I could have avoided this financial mess I'm in. Woe unto me!