Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What a Difference Success Makes

Airport security sucks. I am a bandwagon Phillies fan. When they sucked I was embarrassed to wear the cap but now that they are good I stride about like a peacock. Colorado Rockies and Padres are beneath contempt.

Kids are a PITA. Burly TSA guard hates the Phillies. The Phillie's have gone from lifelong sad sacks to the envy of the entire world.

In Florida I wore my ratty old hat. It is a hundred degrees and my Adonis body is sweating in the heat as I carry 22 bags by myself. Skycap guy persecutes me for being a Phillies fan. Least the Marlins suck. I personally helped my team win five NL East championships.

My sister requested salad dressing and the heathen National's fan cook forgot it. He tried to match wits with me but I am unbeatable.

Three people mouthed off at me in under a month (I assume this is sports related only and not the normal trash Talking Hoy must get). The Phillies are the best team ever!


23skidoo said...

Phillies fans enjoy gargling scrotum....fact! Unless their name is Al of course.

Josie said...